I Took Some Street Shots in Liverpool With My New Camera

My  passport was put in the wash with a (clean) pair of jeans whilst I was in Australia by my girlfriend. Not long after this, both Donna and I were robbed by a couple of Kiwi’s whilst we were at a hostel and whilst we got most of our stuff back when we confronted them with policemen by our side, there was still some stuff missing. Because we are super smart, we decided to claim for my (damaged) passport via the insurance but as it only covered stolen goods, we declared my passport as stolen, this wasn’t a good idea, I ended up being unable to fly anywhere that wasn’t the UK and flew home on a temporary passport after failing to buy one via post in the UK and ended up several hundred pounds down and passportless once I had landed.
Usually, my only reason to be in Liverpool is to get incredibly drunk, this time however I went for a passport. Liverpool is a beautiful city but unfortunately I couldn’t see too much of it as we were only there for a short time, it did however give me a chance to try out my new camera; the Nikon D600 which has blown me away.
With my last camera, the unnecessarily complicated D300 I started to get frustrated with trying to take any kind of street shots or on the fly indoor shots as it was too much of a hassle to get the settings right when needed.
A street camera needs to be instantly accessible and customisable when opportunity sees fit which the newer D600 allows, despite it being fucking expensive and pushing my travel plans back slightly, it was worth every penny, not the the D600 is meant to be a street camera, it’s still a bulbous DSLR but for me it’s perfect.

I might consider getting a mirrorless camera in the future for seriously discreet street photography (smaller and no noise) but I have no plans to make the switch any time soon.

I can’t wait to start taking some street shots in Thailand next year with it, hopefully I won’t lose or break it.

I thought the dog above was a resident of Manchester, you might have seen him knocking about with his blind, guitar wielding owner on Market Street if you’ve ever been down there and I was surprised to see him in Liverpool.
I’m not sure why this one appeals to me, it seemed as though the guy with the flag might have been in a relationship with the girl in the foreground yet it seems as though she didn’t want to be seen with him as they travelled up the street.


This woman appealed to me because she seems like she’s from a completely different era, 70/80’s hair do and glasses.


My favourite shot of the day, I think this little guy’s dad was handing him his phone so he could take a picture of a naff Darth Vader busker on the street, it looks as though he’s handing him alien technology though because the kid seems really confused.


I didn’t really get anything note-worthy but I haven’t posted in so long I needed to fill up some space, I have plenty to post but precious little time, the next couple of weeks should be busy on my blog as I’m enjoying some time away from work, watch this space.

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