Graffiti Tour Manchester

Learn something new about street photography, and see some well-kept secrets of Manchester.

Photographer Tour

Bring your camera, or just your phone, and get some dope pictures for the gram.

I’ve been shooting the streets for years across 3 continents, if you haven’t seen my work, browse the posts on this website and see for yourself. I can show you the best settings and lenses to get some great shots of Manchester’s secrets.

Whenever I have lived in the UK I have made sure to settle in the heart of Manchester, and I love exploring. I’m excited to pass my knowledge onto you.

Photographer Tour£35

Couple’s Tour

Bring your partnet and get some shots of each other in some amazing locations, I work with a modelling company and can give advice on poses and angles to make your pictures POP.

Bring a hot drink and a sandwich and take a mini-adventure around the city.

Couples Tour50

Model Tour

With the model tour I will personally shoot you and give you a full portfolio of street images.

Model Tour100