How to fix wordpress classic new post permanently easy fix

Quickly Force WordPress Classic-Editor Permanently Prevent Block-Editor

If like me you prefer to use the classic editor and get frustrated when being taken to “Block Editor” when writing a new post, I have a really simple fix for you.

All you need to do is redirect the “New post” link to the “Classic post” link in your browser.



You can see that all you need to add is “?classic-editor” at the end the URL.

If it has changed you can just right click and copy the “classic editor” button and “copy link location”

I use Firefox and installed THIS re-director.

(The same app is available for Chrome here)

[FIREFOX] Then go to the “Add-ons” dropdown, (ctrl-shift-A)

[CHROME] Just copy and paste this into your address bar: “chrome://extensions”

Find the Redirector,

Click “Edit Redirects”

“Create new redirect”

Name your redirect, add the new-post url to “example URL” and “Include Pattern” and then add your Classic link to “Redirect to” and press SAVE.

Easy, now it should automatically send you to the classic editor when creating a new post, regardless of which link you press.

If you know of any better ways feel free to comment below.


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