I Found Retro Gaming Mecca in Bury

I managed to convince my girlfriend to take me to a mill in the middle of nowhere near Bury, after walking in through the entrance and being greeted by an enthusiastic bearded man teaching us how to use the “Die Hard” elevator we reached “Arcade Club” or ‘Gaming Mecca’ as I now call it, every adults inner-kid dream start-up: arcade games on more machines than you could possibly play in a single day set to free-play.
Entry is £10 there are “over 200” games, including, arcade cabinets ranging from the 70’s to the more modern sit down Japanese cabs and a great range of pinball machines, not to mention modern and old skool consoles, including current gen and an Oculus Rift.
Whilst speaking to one of the owners on the desk I was told that they haven’t actually finished, they still have 100’s more games to install, they simply need some time to expand in the mill and they were building a kitchen to make some proper food (there were only hot dogs and nachos on offer but I’m easy to please when it comes to food). Despite a lack of menu they do have beer on sale for a reasonable price so if you can find a responsible adult to agree to staying sober, you could get pretty fucked up whilst you massage your gaming nostalgia gland.
Just seeing the “Free Play Mode” flash on the screen of an arcade cabinet is enough to get me salivating, so I was in heaven. If you plan on going in the winter I would suggest wearing something warm as it is an old mill, other than that, there’s nothing to not like.




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