Film Photography Fuck Ups are Unmistakeably Art

The other day I found a couple of film cannisters in a draw whose origin I had forgotten and figured I’d get them printed. My passion for photography isn’t entirely newly found, I always had an interest in photography but only when I bought my DSLR did I truly understand the art-form. Before I owned my DSLR I knew nothing of composition or lighting, simply that having the light in front of you and not behind you is probably a good idea.
The beauty of using a film camera is having no idea how a picture will turn out until you actively go out of your way to unveil your handy work. The two cameras used below were a four lens Lomography camera which is a toy-like piece of plastic with no electronic parts and a very old camera purchased at a charity shop which I only recently discovered has a macro lens meaning any picture I tried to take at normal length came out incredibly unfocused. In other words the pictures came out shit, they were blurred, poorly lit, came out washed in random colours and unidentified beams of light. Any photographer worth his salt would have stuck them in the bin and never thought of them again. I on the other hand adore these slices of time poorly preserved and in no way representing whatever image I had in my head when I pressed the shutter button.
Either way the pictures are technically a mess, but what a beautiful mess they are.









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