I Took Some Pictures at Leeds Festival

I haven’t been to an English music festival for a long time, I’ve bee to festivals in Europe and Australia and I wasn’t too sure about the camera policy, I almost didn’t gain access to Soundwave in Aus when a steward saw my camera and asked “is that a professional camera?” I simply said no and being a Melbourne Aussie, he was chill.

Concerned I might not gain entry to Leeds festival with my DSLR I did some research before hand and their camera policy is very much the same “no telephoto lenses”, I didn’t plan to take a huge lens but instead of arguing with a security guard at the entry point I opted to take a point and click camera instead, I’m getting old and have learned that it’s better to avoid confrontation.

The irony is that the little white point and click camera I took has a stronger telephoto lens than that of my big black DSLR of which would have had a fixed focal lens (the opposite) meaning if I was feeling sassy I could have argued my way through the gate, but I was there to have fun so fuck it.










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