I’ve set up an Instagram to display work from my day job

I have been wanting to post images from the studio I work at for a very long time, The studio I work at is a “Model Management” company.

I’ve met some really interesting people during my time at this studio. I have shot almost 1700 “models” and I have every last picture on my computer. I was tempted to queue up and post every single client that I have taken pictures of for this instagram but instead I will cherry-pick them because otherwise there would be 100s of baby photos and that’s not really a channel I want to run.

I am posting these pictures in chronological order and with it you will see a huge change in my skills and style as a studio photographer. They say that to become a master at something you need to repeat the process 10,000 times. Well after over 100k images taken at this place, I can confidently say that my skills are pretty honed.

I couldn’t have set up this new instagram page without the new Facebook Creator Studio that allows you to queue up posts for IG, I mean, who has the time? I’ve shot every demographic you can think of. 7 day old babies to 80 year old men. I have shot blind people, deaf people, a boy with downs syndrome. Trans people, drag queens… you name it!

Every shoot is incredibly quick, the clients bring outfits to change into and I have to have all three shot, edited and uploaded (with shitty internet) in around 25 minutes.

I believe given more time I would have created some stellar pictures when I first started, but the time constraints really put pressure onto the lowering the bar for quality.

Here’s are a few examples of my first studio shoots at the company last year:

And are some more recent examples of my images:

The differences are black and white and I hope you follow me on this journey of improvement on my new instagram page @Dannythetog

Please note that if you see yourself or somebody you know in any of the pictures I have taken that you can contact me. As a side note I feel I should point out that I own the rights to all of the images, I am not under any contract stating otherwise.


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